In the 1920s Daniel Lane operated a general store on his property next to the Lane Hotel. The store is on the right, with the barn between it and the hotel. The post office sign at the corner of the building indicates that Lane, who served on the Board of Selectmen, was Topsfield postmaster at the time. Small town post offices were often located in a store in those days. The position of postmaster was a political appointment so might move from store to store, depending on which party was in office.

Ora and Ida White bought the land to the north of the Lane property and owned and operated a store and Gulf station there until the 1960s or later. At the same time Hazel Noyes owned and operated the “Corner Cottage.” It housed a restaurant, small store, Texaco station and post office. The Webbers added a lunch counter and Esso station to their property. Only the Webber’s building still operates as a store and restaurant.

The Lane buildings are gone, and James Harriman has built a house on the site, which is across the street from the current Topsfield Country Store.

Caption information provided by Eva Severance

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