This photograph is of Ashmere, Charles Weeks’ early 19th-century home.  It was described in an article appearing in the Courier Gazette of Rockland, Maine:

We give our readers in this issue a brief description of Ashmere, the summer home of Mr. Charles E. Weeks, of this city, situated at Ash Point in the town of South Thomaston.  This estate consists of about 45 acres, having a shore frontage over a mile, which he has already partially divided into cottage lots.  The view from Ashmere is unexcelled in this section, and all kinds of scenery are combined in a single glance, the distant islands, the Musselridge Channel, the mountains to the north. Ashmere was formerly known as the Moses Heard farm.

The quaint and weather-beaten old farmhouse on the estate, over one hundred years old, has been transformed by Mr. Weeks into a comfortable summer home for himself and family, and here during the summer months his friends enjoy his generous hospitality.  The house is supplied with running water brought from a spring on a hill north of the house, and few of the comforts or conveniences of a winter home are lacking in his summer home.”

The cottage was hit by grape shot during the War of 1812.  Jason and Allison Philbrook now own this home having bought it from Jason’s grandparents Norma and Howard Meserve, longtime residents of Ash Point.


Carolyn Philbrook
Mussel Ridge Historical Society

Catalog Number LB2007.1.100031