The photo shows the Camden Shipbuilding & Marine Railways Co., property, which is now the location of Wayfarer Marine Co. Most of the buildings are no longer there. The darker building to the right is the joiner shop that burned in a roaring fire due to all the sawdust.  It was one of the better buildings in the Yard at the time.. The white barn attached to the three-story house was called the Grinnell Barn; Williston Grinnell had a business of buying and selling teams of horses and carriages to people in the vicinity before cars were invented. It must have been a lucrative business because he has one of only two granite tombs at Mountain View Cemetery.  The house and barn were used as offices during World War II, and to the left of the barn were a clock house and dispensary, with a nurse and doctor on duty.  A guard was stationed at the entrance to the yard.  The big white house and barn were in a major fire in February 1964.

In the left center of the picture is a two-masted schooner hauled on the railways for repairs. By the mid-1800s three-masted schooners were being built, and then four- and five-masted boats, the builders and owners thinking bigger was better.  In 1900 Camden built the first six- masted schooner in the world.

Barbara Dyer
Camden Public Library

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