This picture was taken from in front of the present library in Warren, looking east toward the Georges River. Hotel Warren was built by Col. Thatcher and run by Seth Weatherbee. In 1865 he almost lost the building when the roof caught fire. Seth Weatherbee sold the hotel to Eastman and Jones. It was a busy place in the mid 1800s. Salesmen and buyers for the Woolen Mill next door would come by train to Warren Depot and stay at the hotel while they conducted their business. In the early to mid-20th century this building served as a garage and car dealership. It is no longer standing.

The Woolen Mill was built in 1868 following a fire. It continued as a woolen mill until the late 1950s. A group of Warren business men enticed the Crowe Rope Company to come to Warren, and it occupied the building until the 1990s. Many Warren families made their living at the woolen mill and rope company. Not visible in this picture is a large chimney for the boiler. It is reported that 100,000 bricks, which came from the brickyard of H.E. Nash at the railroad depot, were used in its construction. After the building was abandoned, it was razed. The large crowd who watched the demolition was amazed at how well the building was made, which made efforts to raze it difficult. The Woolen Mill Park now stands in its footprint. It provides a place to get together or just sit and enjoy the pleasant surroundings.

Sandra Overlock
Warren Historical Society

Catalog Number LB2007.1.102838