Timber was plentiful along the Chandler River when the first settlers arrived. In 1763 or 1764 Judah Chandler built a sawmill on the north side of river, on the dam where where other sawmills were later erected. Over time Jonesboro mills produced lumber, staves, shingles and box shooks (parts for unassembled boxes). There were mills along the main river as well as “tide mills” on the east side of the river, three miles below.

Lawrence Lumber Company appears in the annual Maine Register as a manufacturer of long and short lumber from 1900 to 1916. The building, then the Look Brothers empty box mill, was destroyed in 1937 when a fire jumped the river, consuming houses and a store as well as the mill.

Information from the History of Jonesboro Maine Bicentennial 1809-2009

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