Princeton Hotel, Princeton, Me. 95A.

Princeton Hotel, Princeton, Me.  95A.

This hotel is the Princeton House, which had a long history of providing lodging. It was built by Putham Rolfe in the early 1800s. Peter Carle purchased the Princeton House in 1839

Main St., Princeton, Me. 16K.

Main St., Princeton, Me.  16K.

Neil E. McCannell was an enterprising Princeton businessman. In addition to his Main Street store, pictured above in 1927, he manufactured and distributed his patented Soda-Licious beverages,

Bridge, Princeton, Me. 93A.

Bridge, Princeton, Me.  93A.

In 1903 Princeton’s first metal bridge across the stream between the lakes, known locally as the “flowage,” was built, replacing the 1893 log bridge. It was reinforced with concrete in 1939. In 2012 the Princeton Bridge was rebuilt



The automotive age of the 1920s is much in evidence in this view of Main Street in the Washington County lumber town of Princeton.