The first building on the right was a restaurant, called The Mill Syde when this photograph was taken. It survived until the 1960s, when it was demolished. The gas pumps were relocated earlier. The next building was a grocery store. In the 1950s it was a Red & White store run by George Buck. It, too, was demolished in the 1960s. The tiny one-story building next to it was a barbershop.

The fourth building on the right known as the Weatherbee Block is thought to have been built in 1792. It has gone through many upgrades and served many different types of businesses. It as been a grocery store, general store, dry goods store, millinery shop, drugstore, post office and beauty shop, to name a few. It still stands today, housing an antique shop on the first floor and apartments on the upper floors.

Sandra Overlock
Warren Historical Society

Catalog Number LB2007.1.102835