This picture was taken looking west on Main Street. The first building on the right is on the corner of Union and Main Streets. Businesses that have been located here include Jameson’s Hardware Store and a grocery store. In 1926 the switchboard of the Warren Telephone Company was moved to this building, where it remained until the company built a new office on the corner of Union Street and Camden Road. Apartments now occupy this space.

The Masonic Lodge building is across Union Street; it was owned by the Masons from 1890 until 1975, when they moved into their new building on Camden Road. . There was a grocery store on the first floor for many years. Some of the owners over the years were Aaron and Peter Starrett, Ben Starrett, Lee Walker, Leland Philbrook, Cyrus Newbert, Arnold “Buster” Teague, Marshall and Mildred White, ending with Leonard and Dorothy Sidelinger under the name “Dot’s Market”. The building now houses The Village Antique shop. The little building beside the MasonicHall , which was a barbershop, is no longer there.

Sandra Overlock
Warren Historical Society

Catalog Number LB2007.1.102830