The board sidewalk is long gone, and bushes and trees now eclipse this view of Martinsville.  A man stands in the doorway of Georgie Pease’s house, an early house that was moved to the site.  The flat roof building on the left is the Martinsville post office, with the grange hall across the road.   Behind the white house with the side porch was the school, where Sarah Orne Jewett is said to have written Country of the Pointed Firs.   The author summered in Martinsville about 1895, and some of the old timers believed that people in Martinsville were the inspiration for characters in the book.

The Martins came in the late 1700s, and descendants still live in the area.    The settlement is still a fishing village, although it is no longer known as “Mosquito Harbor,” as it once was.

Info provided by James Skoglund
St. George Historical Society

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