In need of a ferryboat after World War II, North Haven residents acquired this vessel and Captain Neal Burgess and his crew traveled to New York to fetch the boat.  Named the North Haven II, the diesel powered wooden boat proved a sturdy, reliable ship as it traveled year-round across Penobscot Bay.  She is pictured here tied up alongside the former Eastern Steamship freight shed and wharf, located on the Fox Island Thoroughfare.  The North Haven II carried one car across the forward deck, reportedly not a wise cargo load in some weather.  In the 1950s, islanders petitioned the state to provide ferry service.  The North Haven II retired and in 1960 a new steel hulled ferry, capable of carrying 9 cars, made trips between North Haven and Rockland.   Today, islanders travel aboard the 17-car ferry, the Captain Neal Burgess, so named after the island’s long time ferry captain.

Lydia Brown and Nan Lee
North Haven Historical Society

Catalog Number LB2010.9.117649