Built in the 1890s in Ash Point by Alvin Harvey Hurd, this home became Otis Villa when it was opened as a boarding home around 1908 by Alvin and his wife May.  While it most likely began as a place for the stonecutters working on nearby islands to stay, it became a favorite of vacationers as well.

In addition to the main house there were three bungalows, each divided into two rooms; one of those can be seen to the left of the main building.  According to Al McNeilly, the Hurds’ grandson May often complained that there was only one outhouse to serve all those rooms!

While Otis Villa was a boarding home, May and her family were also great cooks. Featuring the bounty from the Hurds’ farm and the sea, Otis Villa quickly became known as a great place to eat.  Locals often joined the guests at mealtimes where haddock was a much greater favorite than lobster.

May died in 1927, but their daughter Annabelle kept Otis Villa going for the next few years.  After that time it again became a family home and it remains so today.

Bonnie Dyer Post
Mussel Ridge Historical Society

Catalog Number LB2007.1.103978