The Ash Point Post Office followed a common pattern in early years, also serving as the Ash Point Store.  The consensus is that when this picture was taken, the store was operated by Lottie Crockett Perry Robbins and her husband Arthur.  It was clearly taken during the transition from the horse and buggy to the automobile with a later Eastman card showing two gasoline pumps instead of one and no horses.

We are told that the three children in the buggy were summer visitors and children were welcomed at the store.  When siblings Angus and Evelyn Learned went to the store with pennies to buy candy, they often sang for the Robbins and/or customers and were rewarded with more pennies.  We understand that Evelyn saved hers while Angus bought more candy that he shared with Evelyn.  Oliver Curtis remembers similar experiences singing while sitting on top of bins of beans and other dry goods.

Researching this postcard raised a mystery.  There is an old newspaper ad featuring the A. O. Crockett & Son, the Ash Point Grocers, but the Crockett family tells us there were no A. O. Crocketts in the area.  It is known that Oscar A. Crockett operated a store and, for a short time, the post office in Ash Point.  Did the ad switch the two first vowels?

This building was torn down in the 1960s, and it is reported that the wood was used in building a house at the end of nearby Crockett’s Beach Road.

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