This photograph shows the most densely populated area of Port Clyde. The first building on the right is the Port Clyde Bazaar, which was operated by Wesley Wineapaw, a Waldoboro native. At one time he was postmaster, and the post office was located in the store. The building was later moved over to the “Ridge”in Martinsville. Next to the store are the two Balano tenements and the Baptist Church beyond. Captain John Balano built the boardinghouses. He married into the Hupper family, for whom the island off Port Clyde is named. Captain Balano died in the Caribbean while on a voyage.

Port Clyde is oriented toward the water, and there has been much intermarriage between its families and islanders. The town grew fast in the1800s, and a new school was built in 1855 for 100 students.

Info provided by Gene Dalrymple and James Skoglund
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