Lifesaver Cabins advertised, “Everything for your comfort – Electric lights, city running water, Lunchroom, short orders and refreshments. All kinds of seafood, home cooking. You are a stranger but once. Authorized Socony Station. Tell 11-23. B.L. Davis, prop.” The original Lifesaver Cabins and lunchroom were located on what is now Maple Street, which was part of Route 1 before Atlantic Highway, the present Route 1, was built. Atlantic Highway, bypassed Maple Street, so the Davises, who owned the lunchroom, moved it to the new highway.

The house on the right is still a home. The building behind the automobile on the left of the photograph is believed to be the original trolley station from Warren village.

Sandra Overlock
Warren Historical Society

Catalog Number LB2007.1.111414