This school house, built in 1851, was made from brick unlike the wooden ones built earlier.  The wooden schools could be moved to accommodate the most number of students.  Often a school would be moved in the middle of the night just to make it handy for someone to who wanted to have the school close to his home.  William Condon and Edmund Wotton decided to prevent this by building a school of brick.

Hannah Oram Condon was the first teacher.  She had 25 students and was paid one dollar a week.  The school closed 1921; Llewellyn Oliver was the last teacher.  Dr. Condon, who had attended the school and later became a superintendent of schools in Cincinnati, Ohio, bought the school in 1927.  He restored it in memory of his mother, Hannah Condon.  Randall Foster, his grandson, became the next owner.  In 2001 Randall and Sally Foster donated the building to the Friendship Museum, Inc.

Margaret Gagnon
Friendship Historical Society

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