The “Willows” was an old home adjacent to the Wharf Road. Built in 1785 by Dr. Ebenezer Handy, it was considered the oldest home in Steuben before it was destroyed by fire. Early owners of the home were Alonzo and Ellen (Moore) Smith.

The model T in the photograph looks new, and the style of dress suggests that it was taken near the time when this automobile model was first produced (1909). The driver is Arthur Morris; in the front seat is Maurice Whitten and in the back seat, Ruth, Marion and Norma Davis and Janet Kelley, who was 2 years old.

Unfortunately, the house fell into disrepair and was destroyed in a controlled burn by the newly formed Steuben Fire Department at the Steuben Town Picnic and Fourth of July celebration in 1971.

Caption written by Ed Hart

Catalog Number LB2007.1.110838