Union’s Common, now on the National Register of Historic Places, once had a grove of elm trees. They have long since been replaced by maple and other species. This view is to the south side from the site of Union’s Civil War monument. The building at the left was built in 1808 as a hotel for John Little and became the Burton House. The porch was added later. It became the Jones Sanitarium in 1919, which continued through the 1950s. It, in turn, was replaced by the post office building in 1962. The building in the center was built by Ebenezer Alden in 1802, who sold it to John Little, who used it as a store. The building seen on the right was built by Charles Barnard about 1870 for a livery stable. Horse-drawn vehicles brought goods to stores to be sold and provided transportation for mail and passengers. Later, Merle Messer ran a gasoline station and garage in that building. These two structures have been replaced.

Dave & Suzy Shaub
Union Historical Society

Catalog Number LB2007.1.117679