Coffins were among Harrington’s earliest settlers, and several generations contributed significantly to the development and industry of the town. E. S. Coffin was one of the first merchants in Harrington village. Temple, John B., Adams, and Capt. Voranus L. Coffin were all shipbuilders. In 1876 V. L. Coffin purchased the interests of his partners, and in 1884 the company became V. L. Coffin and Son; his son was Charles A. Coffin. Their business interests included the general store shown in this c. 1910 photo.

V. L. Coffin and Son’s Store later became K. A. Smith General Store and then Anderson’s General Store. By the 1920s a three-story building stood on the site of the two small buildings next to the store. At various times that building was Self’s Drug Store, Hall’s Drug Store, and Scott’s Variety. The buildings are currently vacant.

Caption information provided by Glendon Carter

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