This view is of Washington Village looking north. At the junction the road goes north toward Liberty to the left and right on the Old Union Road to Union. We can date this photo after 1914 for two reasons: first, the War Monument in the center was dedicated at the 1911 Centennial, and, second, the white building in the right foreground is the former Congregational Church, which was moved from across the Maple Grove Cemetery to this location in 1914 to replace the Masonic Lodge that had burned.

The original Masonic Lodge on that site had been a store operated by Luther Augustus Law and later by his nephew William Hatch. The building was destroyed by fire on February 7, 1913. Arial Linscott and George Hanson moved the building, using log rolls and Ben Ware’s horses. ” It is said that they took a couple of shingles off a store in the Village as they passed where no more than one hand could be slipped between the buildings” (Welcome to Washington Village). The new Lodge was dedicated on September 2, 1914.

The Congregational Church had been across from Maple Grove Cemetery.

Cheryl Swift
Washington Historical Society

Catalog Number LB2007.1.111038