The house was originally built circa 1850 by Seward Poland III.  The Polands came from England in 1642 and settled in Lynn, Massachusetts.   They later moved to the islands in Maine and then to Friendship.  In 1865, Ambrose Simmons became the owner of the property.  Ambrose Simmons and his wife Mary raised fourteen children in what was then a half cape.

Dr. Everett Flood bought the place in 1898.  In 1904 the house had a first floor put underneath,  and several fireplaces and wraparound porches were added.  In 1995 it was put on a new foundation.  Third generation Mary Flood Thompson owns the property now and shares it with the fourth and fifth.

Margaret Gagnon
Information from Friendship Homes, If these Houses could talk

Catalog Number LB2007.1.106127