The Corner School was located across from the Advent Christian Church.  It had two floors.  The lower floor was used for the primary grades, one to five.   Mrs. Jennie Hall taught the lower grades for many years.  Lena Morton Davis taught in the later years.  On the second floor were the upper grades, six to the first year of high school.  Evran Burns, A. E. Boynton, and James Brooks were teachers at the upper classes.  When Mr. Brooks’ year came to an end, the students were very sad, especially the girls.  He was a fine man with a pleasing personality and an excellent teacher.

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While George Huey was attending the school on the second floor, the woman teacher was teaching geography with the use of a sand table.  One day she said, “Tomorrow we’ll have the eruption of Mount Vesuvius and study Italy.”  She arranged sand mountains with cones of incense in the top.  While she was down at her boarding place for dinner, the boys placed gun-powder in the sand around the incense.  During the geography lesson, she lighted the incense.  Very shortly there was a thunderous explosion with sand going in all directions.  A peculiar gurgle and gasping noise came from the teacher’s throat as she fell over backwards to the floor in a dead faint.  The girls screamed, the boys yelled and George Huey hooted so loud that the uproar was heard down the street.

Margaret Gagnon
Friendship Historical Society

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