Captain Clifton Curtis

Clifton Curtis was the son of Samuel Curtis, Sr. & Eliza Jane Griffin Curtis. He was born June 4, 1858, in Searsport, Maine and died June 1, 1928, in San Pedro, California. He commanded the Ship Belle of Bath, 1888-97 (burned off Barbados, June 1897, a total loss); the Bark Skagit; Schooner Susie P. Oliver, 1888; Schooner W.H. Marston; S.S. Costa Rica, 1904; S.S. City of Para, 1905; S.S. Barracouta, 1905-06; S.S. Santa Rita, 1907-11; S.S. Washtenan, 1911-13; S.S. Oleum, 1913-15; S.S. Colusa, 1916-19; S.S. Pomona, 1919-20; S.S. West Lamac, 1921; S.S. West Katan, 1922; S.S. Susquehanna, 1922-23; S.S. President Arthur, 1924; S.S. Coquina, 1925-26; S.S. Corsicana, 1926-27; S.S. Diamond Head, 1928.

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