Captain Edwin Earle Greenlaw

Edwin Earle Greenlaw was the son of Edwin Greenlaw & Isabelle Broughton Greenlaw. He was born on September 1, 1901, in Rockport, Maine and died on March 13, 1963, in Abadan, Iran. Beginning in 1937, he commanded a number of steam vessels with the American Hawaiian Line: S.S. Missourian; S.S. Iowan; S.S. Louisianan; S.S. Arizonan; S.S. Alaskan (lost by enemy action November 28, 1942); S.S. Columbian; S.S. Pennsylvanian; S.S. Hawaiian  (torpedoed); S.S. Hurricane; S.S. Marine Falcon; S.S. Baylor Victory; S.S. Mt. Whitney.

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