Mianus Improved Diesel Oil Engines

Atlantic Fisherman magazine advertisement for Mianus diesel oil engines. Diesel engines became more popular for larger fishing vessels because of their fuel efficiency and simplicity.

They were being installed into sail powered offshore fishing vessels by the 1920s, first as auxiliaries to sails. Then sails became auxiliaries to engines, and finally, as more vessels turned from dory fishing to trawling, sails disappeared.

The Mianus company started about 1897 in Mianus, Connecticut, building small two-cycle gasoline engines. By the time of this advertisement, the factory had moved, and they were making much larger marine diesels. The company lasted into the 1950s.

Atlantic Fisherman, August 1922, p. 21.

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Atlantic Fisherman, August 1922-p.21
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Stamford, Connecticut
Atlantic Fisherman