Maine and the Orient

Portable Chinese Vanity Stand

Portable Chinese vanity stand, made of teakwood, inlaid with mother-of-pearl

Palace Foo Dog

Ornamental palace foo dog.

Japanese Vase

Japanese ceramic vase, decorated with five men in each scene. Satsuma.

Japanese Tea Pot

Ceramic Japanese tea pot, decorated with birds, flowers, and a distant town.

Japanese Table

Japanese wood table with intricate colored mother-of-pearl inlays.

Japanese Rickshaw Model

Japanese rickshaw and two dolls, one being a coolie and the other a geisha passenger. These were brought back to Maine by Capt. Everett G. Staples, master of the ship Robert L. Belknap from 1884-1896. The Belknap was a Rockport, Maine built and owned vessel, launched in 1884 for the deep water bulk carrying trades.

Japanese Painting

Painting of Japanese landscape with mountain, lake, and boat.

Ivory and Textile Fan

Embroidered textile and ivory fan with box.

Hong Kong Harbor

Photograph of Hong Kong harbor taken from the top of Victoria Peak.


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