Women's Roles

Bangalore at Bayonne, NJ

British ship Bangalore, Captain Ray D. Congdon, 1893. The ship is loading at Tide Water Oil Works, Bayonne, with 65,000 cases of "case oil" for Calcutta. Case oil is kerosene, shipped in wooden "cases," a frame that held two 5-gallon tins of oil.

She was an iron ship built in England in 1886 and sold to the Maine Navigation Company in 1899 whereupon she was put under US registry and continued in the case oil trade.

From 1900 to 1908, the Bangalore was commanded by Captain Phineas Banning Blanchard of Searsport.

Barkentine Mary Jenness

Barkentine Mary Jenness by Luigi Renault, signed, 1876

Captain George Harrison Oakes took Mary Jenness on her first voyage down to New York, and there loaded and sailed her to Livorno. He was proud of the new ship, the 505 ton, 132’ product of his father Joseph’s yard in Brewer. He hired Renault to paint her. Renault was a good choice for he would be appointed marine artist to the King of Italy.

Box Chronometer

Box chronometer, used in navigation to find a ship's longitude at sea. Made by T.S. and J.D. Negus, No. 586. An immigrant, Thomas S. Negus began making and selling chronometers in New York in 1848. In 1864, 100 Wall Street was listed as its location, and it became Thomas S. and John D. Negus in 1869. The company continued into the 1960s. Down Easter captains bought these if they could afford them.


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