2020 Exhibits

May 23 through October 18

Maine at Its Mid-Point

This photographic exhibit will draw from the Penobscot Marine Museum’s collection of over 50,000 glass plate negatives from the Eastern Illustrating & Publishing Company of Belfast, Maine. Originally produced to create photographic postcards, these images capture sights, scenes, and daily lives from throughout Maine and beyond. In honor of Maine’s Bicentennial, this exhibit will focus specifically on images from the 1910s and 1920s—at the mid-point of Maine’s history as a state and of our 200-year journey. This special exhibit will launch at the Maine State House in January and then travel to PMM’s campus for the 2020 season.

Moose Point and Belfast Bay by Percy A. Sanborn

Bicentennial on the Bay: Penobscot Bay Artists

Penobscot Bay has been the muse and birthplace of artists for the past 200 years of Maine’s statehood. Its landscape, people, working waterfronts, and watercraft dominate the canvases and sculptures of local artists—from Dolly Smith’s portraits of her Sea Captain neighbors to Eric Hopkins’ transformation of Maine natural resources into art. This exhibit, guest curated by art critic Carl Little, showcases representative artwork from Penobscot Bay artists past and present.

Photo: Moose Point and Belfast Bay by Percy A. Sanborn

Photos by Kosti Ruohomaa

Kosti Ruohomaa: The Maine Assignments

Photographer Kosti Ruohomaa completed a significant body of work for Maine publishers such as Down East Magazine and National Fisherman as well as national and international ones like Life and National Geographic. Even as he became an international success, his heart was in Maine, and he pitched Maine stories. This exhibit features his Maine images that allowed the rest of the country—and the world—to gain an understanding of the Pine Tree State.

Captain William Abbott Collection, LB2014.7.40

Up River: Selections from the Captain Bill Abbott Collection

Captain William Abbott spent fifty years guiding vessels into port, including through the challenging waters of Penobscot Bay and River. He was a graduate of Maine Maritime Academy, the founder of the Penobscot Bay and River Pilot’s Association, and a mentor to countless port pilots. He was also an avid collector of photographs and was known to spin a good yarn. When Captain Abbott passed away in 2014, he left his treasured collection to the Penobscot Marine Museum where it is being digitized and preserved. This exhibit draws images from his collection to provide a glimpse into his life and career. It will launch in April to commemorate Maritime Month at the Camden Public Library and travel to PMM’s Merithew House Gallery for the 2020 season.