This is a statement regarding the CLARISSA B. CARVER ship and how much money Captain Dow should be receiving from the GLAMORGANSHIRE ship captain. On December 4, 1889 Theodore W. Gore of Boston Mar. Insurance Company sent a letter to J.H. Lane Est of Searsport, Maine. The statement contains information on the amount due on account of freight, and personal effects of Captain Dow. This statement is 8 pages long and lists out all of the different damages along with how much they cost to repair. Essentially, this statement is from Boston but was transported to Searsport in 1889. This statement states that Captain Dow has receive $4,779.42 so far from the wreck. However, between the loss of the vessel, freight, and effect on the Captain and passengers, Captain Dow should be receiving $84,244.38.

Credit: Kelsey Kerstetter