This circa 1910 view of Main Street, Bar Harbor, captures the appearance of the commercial district of one of America’s leading Victorian summer resorts, a rustic Gilded Age playground second only to Newport in the eyes of many.

Here the clothing business flourishes, with Perlinskey’s dry and fancy goods, Moran the New York tailor and Millar the merchant tailor on the left and the clothing stores of H.S. Nason and Hart, Scheffner & Marx on the right.

At the far right, the classical column is part of the façade of the First National Bank, still standing, beyond which is the Bradley Block, now gone.

Downtown Bar Harbor has remained a vital part of this vacation community, where the last century has witnessed a dramatic transformation from grand hotels, seaside mansions, and elegant gardens to camp sites, cabins, motels, and bed and breakfasts for a traveling public in quest of Acadia National Park.

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