Bayside Lodge, the large hotel in the photo, and Baycrest Lodge next door were located on the Castine side of Cape Rosier. They and the smaller Falls View House down the road welcomed guests who were delivered with their steamer trunks right to the wharf by the lodge. Many of the summer people were teachers, who stayed for most of the summer. There was much to occupy them: sailing and fishing with local residents, picnic excursions to the islands near the head of Cape Rosier, trips by power boat to Castine for church on Sunday or by steamer to Belfast for shopping, or just relaxing in the lodge’s living room.

Captain Lester and Augusta Blake built Bayside Lodge about the turn of the century, and their son Hobart and his wife Hilda ran it in the 1920s, when this photo was probably taken. “Eastwind,” the cottage on the left, and the barn across the road were part of the Lodge. The Blakes lived in the house on the far left. Baycrest occupied several buildings to the right of Bayside. Blake descendants still use the Bayside lodge building.

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