Edmund “Burke” Elwell was born in Northport where he lived all of his life. He operated the corner grocery store and Post Office at Saturday Cove for 43 years, from about 1877 to 1920. Elwell was also the Postmaster of Northport. Saturday Cove was occupied by many men who made their living on the sea. When winter was upon them, many would gather round the pot-bellied wood stove in Elwell’s store, when they had spare time on their hands. They discussed the up-coming Town Meetings, hashed over the Town expenses for the year, spun yarns, talked about current affairs, and discussed the people coming and going from the store. Burke Elwell was known about town for his caring and aid to his neighbors whenever there was a need. Elwell sold the store in October, 1920 to Herman and Orra B. Weymouth. He died in his home town of Northport in1922, aged 64 years. He left a widow, Lulu Elwell, and a daughter, Elise Sleeper.

Contributed by: Isabel Marsh Meresh, Waldo County Historian

Catalog Number LB2007.1.101970