This photograph shows road construction in front of the Fiske House Inn.  The Rockland to Augusta Road in South Hope was being rebuilt to serve as a State Highway (now Route 17). Barely visible above the backs of the dark horses at centre left is the bridge across Quiggle Brook. The brook runs from Fish’s grist mill behind the trees and the inn on the right toward the left side of the picture and a second millpond on the left side of the road. The Universalist Church would have been visible further to the left beyond the bridge. This photo was taken sometime between 1903 when the telephone poles went in and 1907, when the Inn burned – probably closer to 1907 – from a position just west of the former Baptist Church (now the South Hope Fire Station.) Note that though there are telephone poles, all the construction equipment on site is horse-drawn.

Donovan Bowley
Hope Historical Society
Ref. Anna Hardy’s History of Hope

Catalog Number LB2007.1.111934