This store served the Bucks Harbor community for several decades as a business and community gathering place. It was originally the Ames Store. Supplies for the store arrived on boats and were brought up by wagon to the store. A footbridge enabled customers to cross from Small’s Point. A ledger from 1888 found in the Grange Hall, thought to be from the Ames Store, lists purchases, prices and customers: 5 dozen eggs purchased by the Bucks Harbor Packing company for $.90, $.18 for a can of beans, $.07 for cookies, $7.00 for a barrel of flour, $1.87 for ¾ cord of wood.

Charlie Johnson, who ran the store after the Ames family, called it as a variety store. He sold it to Avis Ingalls Pettegrow, whose kindheartedness caused financial difficulties. She allowed customers to buy on credit, and many did not pay on their accounts.

The vehicle parked in front of what was called the “grain shed” was used by the photographer from the Eastern Illustrating and Publishing Company as he drove around Maine taking pictures for postcards. Part of the Grange Hall is on the left. The store building was destroyed by fire.

Caption information from Sandra Prescott

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