The Pushee Brothers shipyard operated from 1890 to about 1930 at Hinckley Shore in Dennysville. It built renowned four-masted schooners, Passamaquoddy Bay ferries, lobster smacks, and pleasure boats.

The shipyard built the David Cohen, the first of the four-masted schooners, for David Cohen and Company in New York. She was an ocean-going vessel of 752 gross tons (length, 155 feet; beam, 35 feet; depth of hold in shoalest place, 13 feet, 6 inches), a sailing ship with auxiliary power. Of her launching on July 25, 1918, Fred L. Gardner wrote in his journal, “The keel was laid early in July last, 160 feet on keel. She slid into the water most beautifully. Never a false move. There were thousands of people there. All around shores, both sides of the river. There were 400 autos at least.”

In 1921, the auxiliary engines were removed, and she was renamed Victoria S. She was lost off North Carolina on August 23, 1925.

Caption written by Ron Windhorst

Catalog Number LB2007.1.100512