This is a view north along Elm Street, which is now the Searsmont Road portion of Route 131.

In its day, the main street through Appleton Village was lined with the tall elms visible in this photograph and known then as Elm Street. The prominent building at the left was the L.W. Morang store at the time of the photograph and is one of the several places in the village where the post office was at one time located. It is still standing at the junction of Town Hill Road (then Town Hall Road) to the left, Elm Street at the right, and Sennebec Road in the right foreground. The double house-and-barn beyond is the former Currier home, still standing. The garage past that house was an automobile repair shop operated for many years by Maurice Collins.

Donovan Bowley
Appleton Historical Society

Catalog Number LB2007.1.103947