The year is 1936 and the day October 3rd. The 86’ seiner Mary Grace appears to be stuck on the launching ways and is about to be towed until she floats. Her sister seiner, named Uncle Guy had slid overboard less than two months before. Back in June, Snow’s launched the 90’ dragger Mary Jane, and in May the 65’ ferry Gov. Brann. Clearly, this part of Rockland was emerging from the Depression, thanks largely to the efforts of Snow’s general manager Fred Gatcombe.

Albert Condon not only drew the plans for Mary Grace, but served as her master builder as well. The car in the left foreground is the Montgomery family’s Nash Lafayette and the white building behind Mary Grace was known as the salt shed. Although the machine shop shown here at the left burnt flat during the war, the new and nearly identical shop that replaced it stands today.

Catalog Number LB2008.15.311