The mill yard buildings on the left belonged to the Freedom Lumber Company, which had purchased the mill (not seen in this photo) in 1907. The mill was originally built in 1834 by John True to be used as a grist mill. It was sold in 1845 to Edmond Fuller and stayed in the Fuller family until 1894 when it was sold to Ralph Wiggin and Frank Banton who turned it into a wood turning mill. After 1918 the mill began to turn mop, dowel, and novelty handles from lumber like the piles seen in this photo, which was taken around 1948. Behind the lumber piles is the Freedom Academy. The old Freedom Academy, one of the veteran schools of Maine, was incorporated by an act of the Maine State Legislature on February 19, 1836. The original building was destroyed by fire on January 25, 1947 and was replaced by the building seen here which was designed by Norman Elliot and opened in 1948. The new academy was a modern, self-contained building. Behind the trees you can see the steeple of the Freedom Congregational Church.

Help From: Viola Greely, Freedom Historical Society
Tony Grassi

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