The General Store at Hope Corner has been in operation for about 165 years at this location.  During that time it has been known by the names of its various owners–True, Smith, Ludwig, and Weaver, among them. It was founded by Edward True and Lyman Smith about 1832 in competition with the John Athern store (1822-1860s), diagonally across the road, and constructed on the site of Joel Blood’s 1821 cooper shop. At the time of this photo, it was owned by L.A. Weaver. Note the delivery wagon at the right front. The second floor has served as a public meeting place, a dance hall, and the grange. Currently the second floor serves as an apartment. The store closed for a brief time, but was re-opened by Andrew Stewart, and has resumed its essential place in the affairs of the community.

Donovan Bowley
Hope Historical Society
Ref. Anna Hardy’s History of Hope

Catalog Number LB2007.1.101044