A listing in Duncan Hines’ Lodging for a Night, a popular guide for travelers published in 1938, was much sought after by the owners of tourist accommodations. “Modern Guest Houses, located in the country or at the edge of town, and up-to-date Auto Courts away from noises, are the types of places most desired by discriminating motorists,” wrote Hines in his introduction to the publication.

The lodging facility opened by Bertha and Everett Humphrey in the 1930s on Route 1 in Rockport offered both kinds of accommodation, which earned Hines’ seal of approval. Its listing read:

1 Guest House & Cottages: Humphrey’s. Open May to Oct. 6. Simple cottages
and 3 rms in farmhouse. On a hill overlooking the bay. No rms. WB. No meals.
E. 2NB $2.00 up. FPark. Pets P.

A variety of lodging facilities have occupied the hill above scenic Glen Cove for decades. Humphrey’s operated until about 1970. Its site is now the Strawberry Hill Seaside Inn.

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