The large summer home at the far right of this photo was built in 1898 by Dr. Charles G. Weld, one of the early “rusticators” on North Haven Island.  Dr. Weld came first in the early days of the summer visitors, bought Iron Point, east of North Haven village and came to the island “year after year” until his death. Dr. Weld took great interest in the local affairs and well being of the year round residents of the island and was personally very active in carrying out things that were of interest to him. In very cold winters, the Weld dock remained open and was often used when the town ferry dock was unusable because of ice.  Wanting more frequent mails and communication with the main land, Dr. Weld built and equipped the steamer, Sylvia, which was designed and constructed by David Little in Salem, Massachusetts). The Sylvia took the place of the old Greyhound and was captained by Captain Mills. Dr. Weld’s birthday on August 20 was celebrated with enthusiasm and was considered one of the “main events” of the summer by early summer families.

In addition to the large summer residence constructed by Dr. Weld,  you can see a store owned by Franklin Waterman with what had been the Waterman home. The windmill was used for pumping water from an artesian well; Dr. Weld’s was the first artesian well on the island. At the very forefront of the photograph are tennis courts also erected by summer residents.

Lydia Brown and Nan Lee
North Haven Historical Society

Catalog Number LB2008.19.116642