The Town Hall was built in 1894 for $4,000 on the site of the former First Baptist Meeting House and has served many purposes over the years. The Masonic Lodge next to it was built in 1905. In 1904, the State of Maine passed a law requiring consolidation of high schools in jurisdictions like Islesboro. The town took advantage of the newly constructed Masonic Hall in 1905 to house the high school for 40 students. In 1906, the students moved next door to the Town Hall. There were six girls in the first graduating class in 1908, three of whom were Erma, Marie and Marion Coombs. In 1971, the building was obtained by the Islesboro Historical Society for its sole use. The Society had been organized in 1964 partially to celebrate the 200th anniversary of Islesboro’s first settler, Shubael Williams, who owned 500 acres of land in the Bounty Cove area.

Contributed by: Lang Smith, Islesboro Historian

Catalog Number LB2007.1.107049