Liberty, Maine was settled in the 1790s and was incorporated in 1827. Viewed from Haystack Mountain toward the present day Pinnacle Road (Route 220 South), the St. George River begins at the dam under Pinnacle Road. The Channel runs from the dam up to Little Lake St. George. Beyond this is Lake St. George with two of its islands, Millstone and Green Islands, visible. An old legend states that the lake was called “Andia Ta-Rock-Te” by the local Indians, though the meaning of the word has been lost.

The farmhouse on the right of Pinnacle Road was originally the home of Timothy Copp. This is now gone and the fields have grown up. This was one of the earliest homes in Liberty. The first and third homes on the left remain the same. The middle home was lost to fire in 2001. The point of land just beyond the Channel and the shore beyond it have dozens of homes now. Most were built as summer camps and many have been turned into year round homes. There have been camps on shore and on the islands since at least the beginning of the 1900s. The small buildings at the bottom of Haystack Mountain at the dam and along the Channel were boat houses. This view is now obscured by trees.

Contributed by: Gail Philppi, Liberty Historical Society

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