It’s early morning in Rockland Harbor and there’s no wind. But the skipper wants his vessel dockside. He’s rigging a towline to his dory and he (or his mate) will row her there. The schooner herself has no engine and there’s no motorized yawlboat. On this June Sunday of 1940, Lillian was still registered as a cargo carrier, but will soon be converted for passengers under the ownership of Capt. Dayton Newton and Donald Hurd. (Newton later owned the Chesapeake schooner Maggie and, still later, he brought the Gloucester fishing schooner Adventure to Maine. Maggie sunk and was abandoned; Adventure was bought by Capt. Jim Sharp who, for years, ran her from Camden.)

Lillian was built in Boothbay in 1876 and had an engine added about 1918. It appears to have been removed in 1940.

Catalog Number LB2008.15.278