The Williams Quarry on Old County Road in Rockland, near the Thomaston border, was the deepest quarry in the world. It was 400 feet deep, almost 40 stories down.  A deep deposit of pure limestone ran along Old County Road from Thomaston to Lake Chickawaukie. Highly valued as mortar and plaster, this critical building material was shipped to Boston, New York, and beyond. Quarrymen dug the limestone straight down, and steam-powered derricks hauled the limestone out of the deepest quarries on small, flat platforms called drags. The stone was loaded onto rock cars of the Lime Rock Railroad and carried to the lime kilns along the shore. A rock car is visible at the edge of the quarry to the right of the bridge.

Colonel Timothy Williams was very successful in the lime business.  He married Jane Blackington in 1842.  The Blackington Farm Quarry was just beyond the Williams Quarry to the south.

The bridge is the Pleasant Street Bridge. In 1910 President William Howard Taft stood on that bridge and peered into the deepest open quarry in the world.

David Hoch
Rockland Historical Society

Catalog Number LB2007.1.102195