The Long Cove post office served the company town of the Booth Brothers & Hurricane Isle Granite Company.  The quarry is visible beyond the post office building, with workers’ homes beyond.  The quarries at Long Cove and nearby Clark’s Island were among the largest in Maine, employing large numbers of men.  English stone cutters, Finns, and Swedes came to work for the company, many of them boarding with families or living in boardinghouses.   Finns arrived in the 1890s when workers went on strike.   While the work force tended to be transient, some of the emigrants stayed, married, and had families, producing second generation stone workers.

Stone cutters, paving cutters, and quarry workers formed a stratified work force, with the skilled craftsmen who did fine ornamental cutting at the top.  Cutting was a well-paid skill.  “My father was paid by the block and earned enough money during the season to support us through the winter,” remembers a descendant whose grandfather was also a paving stone cutter at Long Cove.

Info provided by James Skoglund
St. George Historical Society

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