Charles C. Moody (1865 – 1948) had a dry goods store located on the west side of Main Street in the lower end of town. He carried a wide variety of goods, for in the days before automobiles, people shopped locally. School children delighted in his window display at Christmas time.

There was an annex on the south side of the building, and it housed the printer’s shop run by Caleb Lougee (1857 – 1830). It was here that he published The Winterport Advertiser beginning in 1890 and continuing until his death. It was a weekly, selling for three cents. He used news from outside sources for part of the paper, but the interior pages held local news items and advertisements. In addition to this paper, Lougee printed other material, such as flyers promoting local events or the annual town reports. Both Lougee with his cornet and Moody with his trombone were regular members of the Winterport band.

The building has been empty for years but it is still in its place just south of the library. The annex was dismantled many years ago.

Contributed by: Teddy Wesron, Winterport Historical Society

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