State of Massachusetts Bay                                                                        Council Chamber Sept’r 11th 1779


The Gen’l Assembly having appointed a Committee to inquire into the Conduct of the Officers who were engaged in the late Expedition to Penobscot which inquiry is to commence on the 22nd day of September current

You are therefore hereby directed to attend the said Committee at Faneuil Hall in Boston on the day beforementioned

In the name & behalf of the Council

I am


Your humble servant

Jer[emiah] Powell  President

Dudley Saltonstall Esq.

The committee investigating the result of the Penobscot Expedition consisted of five members of the Massachusetts House of Representatives and four members of the Massachusetts Council, none of which had naval experience. Jeremiah Powell, as the longest serving member of the House of Representatives, served as the Committee’s president.  Dudley Saltonstall refused to testify in the Massachusetts Committee trial, because the Continental Navy Board, and not the Massachusetts Assembly, had jurisdiction over his action.