Searsport Captain Lincoln A. Colcord was part owner and master of the Newburyport, Massachusetts-built Bark HARVARD which traded along the same paths as many other Maine-built vessels. The furniture and other items of the bark were bought in China. Bark HARVARD was used to carry cargoes of timber and, at times in the ballast, nitrates from port to port. Captain Colcord, his wife and daughter made a voyage around the world on this vessel. He and his wife sailed on this vessel until 1903.
Bark HARVARD registered a dimension of 1033 tons, 181.3 feet long, 36.5 feet beam and 21 feet depth. It was later modeled by Earl Morrill who used photographs and paintings from the museum’s collection to create the miniature replica. It took Morrill 2,217 hours and be planked, framed and fastened like the real vessel.

Credit: Ibrahim Moustapher