Some people maintain that it is easier to get to the mainland, 12 miles away, than it is to get across the Thoroughfare to Vinalhaven! Nonetheless, there have been attempts over the years to make that passage easier. Early on, a Cross Thoroughfare cable ferry was run by Will and Arthur Hopkins. The ferry would land on the North Haven side at the little town beach just below where the Hallowell house is now located. In 1904 Arthur Hopkins acquired a power boat to do the pulling and in later years Harvey Calderwood took over the operation of the ferry.

The Cross Thoroughfare ferry transported people, cars and trucks, ponies and even a small oil truck coming over from Vinalhaven. In 1962, William Hopkins, grandson of the original Will Hopkins, installed a power driven scow which was in use for many years.

These days, the only way across the Thoroughfare is by a sort of water taxi run by J.O. Browns. It can take only passengers or perhaps an occasional bicycle.

Lydia Brown and Nan Lee
North Haven Historical Society

Catalog Number LB2010.9.117648