This interior view of the Auditorium at Northport Wesleyan Grove Campmeeting was greeted with “oohs” and “ahs” when first shown by Kevin Johnson to a 21st century gathering of Baysiders! Built in 1893 to replace the outdoor stand and seating, the Auditorium, which measured 64 feet square, became a focus for life on the campground. Used for religious services, Chautauqua meetings, musical performances, and even social gatherings of the Northport Country Club, the Auditorium was constructed inside the circle of Society cottages, requiring the removal of several of these buildings from the ocean side to the northern side of this natural amphitheater.

Using period photographs, Dick Brockway of Bayside constructed in 2002 a scale model of the Auditorium. This model and another of the Northport Hotel are on view in the Community Hall. These models bring to life the buildings which were torn down (the Auditorium in 1934) or burned (the Hotel in 1919).

Contributed by: Beverly Crofoot, Bayside Historical Society

Catalog Number LB2007.1.113609